Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an addon device which monitors tire pressure and temperature for vehicle. If the pressure of tire falls above or below the set limit it triggers an alarm. Modern day TPMS system comes with tire temperature measurement as well.

In order to get maximum milage out of tire and have better road grip, optimal tire pressure as suggested by the vehicle manufacturer must always be maintained.

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One of the cheapest TPMS is a mechanical device which need to be fixed to tire by replacing dust caps. This device has red green and yellow marking. When the tire pressure is optimal, the device shows green and then the tire pressure falls down, the indicator shows yellow/red accordingly. The device costs around Rs 400

High end cars are equipped with TPMS device however there are various aftermarket TPMS devices available. Thanks to Aliexpress cheaper ones are also available.! Electronic TPMS devices make use of bluetooth/wifi technology to transmit signals from tire to the receiver (display device) which can be monitored by the vehicle driver.

Electronic TPMS are available in two variants:

  • TPMS Sensor which can be mounted on valve as replacement to dust cap.
  • TPMS sensor which itself act as a valve and needs to be installed by removing the tire

Considering Indian scenario, it is best that one buys TPMS sensor which act as valves as there are high chances that other sensor can get stolen when vehicle is parked.

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The sensors shows on device such as phones, solar powered displays or 12V socket types display. No technical skill needed, once can simply install and the device is ready to go. Electronic TPMS is available from Rs 3000 onward. If you are a frequent traveler then do consider installing TPMS for your vehicle.

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