Things to Carry for Leh Ladakh Trip

Leh Ladakh is a dream destination for many and is on every-ones bucket list. We have been planning for this great expedition from past 3 years and this year finally we were able to make it from August 9th to 16th. There are few points that one needs to know before their visit to Himalayas!. Since the place itself is located at high altitude, oxygen content in atmosphere is lesser compared to other locations. Higher we go, the oxygen content will decrease and temperature falls down drastically which may cause breathing issues, nausea, headache etc. The approach roads to most of the destination are narrow and curvy and travelling on such roads may lead to motion sickness.

We need to make sure we get acclimatize on the first day by not doing any kind of activity. This rest will make our body acclimatize to weather conditions. We have listed some of the essential things that one need to carry during the visit to Leh Ladakh.

  • Copy of Tickets
    • Make sure you carry print out of the tickets since E-Tickets / Digital Tickets wont be accepted at Leh Airport and finding a Cyber with proper high speed internet is difficult.
  • Post Paid SIM
    • Only BSNL/Airtel post paid have proper coverage at Leh, prepaid phones wont be working. It is advisible to carry a BSNL post paid. Please be noted that Mobile data was not available for us. We were able only to make calls during our visit.
  • Water, Hat, Glasses and Sun Cream
    • Higher altitudes will result in rapid dehydration and have high UV rays hence ensure to carry sufficient water to avoid dehydration. Ideally mix glucose powder with water while drinking water. Protect yourself from UV rays by wearing proper hat, glasses and apply sun cream of SFP 30 to protect your skin before heading out in sun.
  • Lip Balm, Moisturizer and Hair Oil
    • Lips & Skin get dry at Ladakh and causes them to crack. It is advisable to apply Lip Balm and Moisturize the skin often. Due to cold weather, inner portion of nose gets dried and may be painful while breathing. Apply moisturizer near nose as well. Make sure you cover your nose with a woolen shawl which will make the air slightly warmer while breathing, trust me it helps..!
  • Medicines
    • Carry Diamox if you aren’t allergic to sulfur drugs (Not more than 1 tab a day). Make sure you take tablet 24 hours prior of you going to altitude. We recommend you to please consult with your family doctor about usage of this drug.
    • Carry medicines for cold, fever, stomach ache, dysentery, nausea & allergy.
    • Carry eye drops for allergy since it gets dusty some times.
    • Carry pain killer spray.
  • Quick energy food
    • Carry some chocolates, almonds, raisins for quick energy during travel, trek if any.
  • Power Bank & Extension chords
    • Most of the hotel will have limited power sockets, charging multiple mobile & camera will be an issue. It is recommended to carry a multi point power socket to charge your devices simultaneously.
  • Cameras, Tripods & Additional Memory Card
    • Make sure to carry spare battery for camera along with tripods. I missed carrying my tripod and regret not carrying the same.
    • You may end up clicking additional pictures, make sure you carry additional memory cards to capture all the pics without worrying about the memory availability
    • If possible do carry a Action Cam, which may come handy where conventional cameras may not be used.
  • Money
    • Not many ATMs will be available. However there wont be much of shopping to do. You make sure you carry sufficient cash to avoid standing in queues.
  • Clothing
    • 3 Pair of Woolen Socks (1 Pair for Room, 1 Pair when outside and 1 Pair Spare)
    • 2 Pair of Woolen Gloves (1 Pair for Room and 1 Pair when outside)
    • 1-2 Pair of Body warmers, this will come in handy when you wear over the jacket and jeans when outside. You can even wear this in room and sleep along with socks and gloves
    • Woolen Shawl to cover nose and ears while travelling
    • Monkey Cap to cover ears and nose while travelling
    • Winter Jacket to protect from cold
    • Good Shoes to make sure the cold is not transferred to feet. I used woodland shoes and it helped me.
    • You may visit Decathlon to purchase most of above clothing
    • Body warmer sachets are available from Ebay which can be used to keep the body warm. These are small pads which generate heat for around 8 Hours and can be activated by shaking the same. It can be keept underneath the clothes while sleeping.
  • Goverment ID and Passport Size Photos
    • Some of the areas may require permits which will be issued against Government ID and Passport Size photos. Please avoid carrying Aadhar Card/PAN Card as they were not accepted during our visit.
  • Mosquito Repellent/Coil
    • Some of the places have huge mosquitoes and carrying mosquito repellent lotion, cream or coil makes sense.
  • Personal Grooming Kit
    • Carry essential items such as soap, shampoo, brush, paste and face wash.

These are few of most essential things to carry during your visit to Leh Ladakh. Hope this helps our readers during their trip to Leh Ladakh. Readers are free to contribute their feedback in comment section below.

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