Telematics Solution for Cars

Telematics is a method of capturing and processing driving data. It is a small device which is either hard fitted or plug and play devices. These devices capture a lot of driving data and shares with the owner of the vehicle. Telematics device either share data through Bluetooth or over the cloud.

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The data collected, analysed and shared include:

  • Top speed
  • Average speed
  • Distance covered
  • Cornering speed 
  • How rapid the acceleration is done
  • How harshly breaks are applied
  • GPS data
  • Car’s health (Oil level, Engine temperature, Tire pressure etc)
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Alerting emergency services 
  • Service reminders
  • etc…. 

After market devices are available from Rs 2000. Installation is simple, we simply need to locate the OBD port and plug the device to the port. Once installed we are required to download an mobile app to set-up the tracking device to download the data.

image - Telematics Solution for Cars
Installation is very simple. We need to find OBD port and plug the tracker into the port.

Recently Suzuki has launched Suzuki Connect (Advance telematics solution) for Nexa vehicles on subscription basis. The price for 3 year subscription is Rs 9999. At the end of subscription period if one wishes to continue the services then they need to pay Rs 300/month as charges of the Sim card,

The device is hardwired to the car and hence tampering is not possible. An app is provided where the data can be viewed. In case of emergency such as if vehicle gets towed a SMS can be sent to the owner. Like wise in case of the accident emergency numbers will be contacted.

Live vehicle tracking is possible, which helps the owner of the car to locate the car. Driving behaviors such as if the car is accelerated suddenly or if breaks are applied hardly can be identified by the telematics algorithm and it shall accordingly update in the app provided to the owner.

The device in some country acts as a black box and insurance claims are settled based on the data extracted from the device. For example if the vehicle was driven rashly, insurance claim shall not be released. On contrary, some Insurance providers abroad collect the data to analyse driving behavior of the driver and rating is calculated. Based on the rating insurance premiums are decided.

With telematics system, the data collected can be used in infinite ways. Its up to us and the service provider on how best the data can be utilized. 

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