Tata’s new technology will stop the theft of petrol-diesel

Tata Motors has introduced vehicles in E Commerce Expo 2019. Among them some are the best-selling variants of SCV, ILCV and MHCV segment. In this event, Tata has introduced with it’s latest features to make the service more transparent.

These features includes Rear camera with 3 CCTV cameras, connectivity, container that open with OTP, touch screens and Anti-Fuel theft system and Load sensor with GPS tracking. The Door opening sensor will also attract the attention of the customers.

We are going to tell about these two features, which can be very useful to the customers.

tata anti fuel theft 2 - Tata's new technology will stop the theft of petrol-diesel

1.) Anti-Fuel theft system:

Often questions arise in the vehicle about the theft of fuel. Many times, it is also heard between the owner of the vehicle and the driver. To overcome this problem, Tata has come with Anti-Fuel theft system. Customers can get information about the fuel through this graph in this feature. With the help of this graph, it will know which speed the vehicle is driven and the fuel consumed at a particular time.

Understand the easy language, where the driver will park the car, the graph will stop there. After this, if the driver comes back after an hour and starts the car, then the reading will start on the graph. In the meantime, if the vehicle has fuel leakage or if the fuel is stolen then the owner of the vehicle will know through the graph.

2.) Load Sensor with GPS tracking:

Under this feature, a sensor has been installed in the vehicle during the loading which will tell you how much weight has been loaded in the carriage. In such a way, it would be impossible to deceive the owner of the vehicle.

3.) Door opening sensor:

If someone open the door of the container of the truck then this sensor will immediately inform the driver about this. At the same time, the owner of the vehicle can also see how the container of the truck arrived without leaving the destination was opened.

3.) Container opening through OTP

Once the container reaches the destination, it can be opened with the help of OTP which is sent to the owner. This system enables safe movement of goods.

Above are some of the most desired features which many of the vehicle owner desired and shall definitely be widely accepted in the market.

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