Plug and play engine tuning kit for improved power and mileage

All modern cars are controlled by a on-board computer commonly referred as ECU (Engine Control Unit). The ECU is a device which co-ordinates and controls all the component of the car. It is like brains of the car and as legends say brains can be taught, so is the case with ECU.

image 8 - Plug and play engine tuning kit for improved power and mileage

Engines are mapped through ECU for generating optimum fuel efficiency in most cases by compromising on  bhps and torque. Basically by controlling valve timings, air-fuel ration, ignition sequence etc.. 

image 10 - Plug and play engine tuning kit for improved power and mileage

One of the popular product is DieselTronic which is marketed by the brand RaceDynamics. DieselTRONIC are available in various variants and comes with plug n play and with remotes. There are basically two types of devices one is single channel which controls only the engine and other is dual channel which controls engine as well as turbocharger. Ideally dual channel will offer better power and efficiency.

Below is Power to RPM graph (Power Curve) of an engine with DieselTronic installed against to a stock mapped engine.

image 11 - Plug and play engine tuning kit for improved power and mileage

Turbocharger can be operated at lower RPMs to get higher power with least turbo lag similarly turbo can be operated at slightly higher RPM to increase efficiency. We don’t need to bother about air-fuel ratio and at operation of Turbocharger at a specified RPM as the optimum settings are pre-stored in the system and with touch of remote button various modes can be changed. 

image 9 - Plug and play engine tuning kit for improved power and mileage

DieselTronics offer 4 modes or Mapping Profiles;

  1. P1 Mode – In P1 mode the power & torque will increase marginally with not much of drop in fuel economy. Mileage increases by up to 25% and power and torque increase up to 15%
  2. P2 Mode – In P2 mode power  & torque increases drastically however fuel efficiency reduces power  & torque. Power and torque increase in off-peak up to 40%  and  peak up to 30%
  3. E Mode – In E Mode power  & torque decreases however there is a increase in fuel efficiency. Mileage increases by up to 40%,  Smoothness in the engine can be observed and turbo spike are reduced. A more linear power delivery can be observed.
  4. S Mode – Under S Mode, manufacturers default setting will be used.

It is said that up-to 30% increase in power and torque can be increased using this device. These devices are plug and play devices and hence won’t void warranty. The mapping is done in such a way that they operate within the engine capabilities and thus not causing any damage to the car.

Users who have installed have observed that engine jerks while slowing down under same gear has reduced greatly. One of the major observation is that there is no memory function and the device resets to stock map (S Mode) when the ignition is turned OFF and needs to be activated every time ignition is turned on.

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