Petrol pumps in New Delhi to stay shut on Oct 22

With fuel prices increasing every, the 2.5 Rs relief given by Center has been nullified. Diesel prices as on today at Delhi is 75.46. There are around  400 petrol pumps operated in delhi which are a part of Delhi Petrol Dealers Association (DPDA) will be shutting down the petrol pumps as Delhi government has refused to cut VAT on petrol and diesel.

On Oct 4th, petrol price at Delhi was 75.45  and diesel was 84.00 per liter. Union government had intervened on rising fuel costs across India and had provided relief of Rs 2.5 resulting in drop of fuel prices. It had also asked state governments to reduce Rs 2.5 from state taxes to give further relief to common public. Some of the states have reduced VAT and provide their concurrence with the center.

Neighboring states of Delhi; Haryana and UP have also reduced VAT resulting in fuel prices of Delhi being higher than these neighboring states. At UP, petrol is Rs 2.59 cheaper and Rs 1.95 per litre cheaper in Harayana than Delhi. Like wise diesel is Rs 1.72 cheaper in Harayana and Rs 2.02 cheaper in UP

Since Delhi is surrounded by UP and Haryana, in-order to get fuel pricing advantage, motorists are diverting their vehicle to UP and Haryana and thus sales in Delhi pumps have reduced.

You can track day wise fuel prices of October by Clicking Here

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