Make Driving Safer with ADAS

Most accidents happen due to driver negligence when driver is not able to judge or if the driver is distracted. ADAS system detects and adapts the driving behavior and warns if the system finds amorality in driving. The system is also capable of identifying objects ahead and gives collision alerts to the driver.

Most of the modern vehicles come equipped with ADAS however in India this feature is not available in most of the cars. The system is available in market and is easy to install. The ADAS system uses GPS to know the speed and position of the vehicle and the camera and sensors decodes the object and movement of vehicle.

image 23 - Make Driving Safer with ADAS

ADAS provides following useful safety system;

  1. FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System)
    • In FCWS,  a warning is triggered when ADAS system detects a possible forward collision.
  2. LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System)
    • LDWS is a system where a buzzer is triggered when car changes from one lane to other lane.
  3.  FVMA (Forward Vehicle Moving Alarm)
    • In FVMA an alarm is triggered when the system detects a vehicle moving ahead of you in a close proximity
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