How To Get Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

Airport Lounges are luxury lounges located within the airport premise for select passengers such as Business Class passengers or Elite members like Jet Privilege Members etc. These lounges offer comfortable seating, complimentary food, soft drinks, juices, desserts, cleaner rest rooms, silent work area, high speed wifi etc.. Some of the lounges offer complimentary liquor as well however in most of them one need to pay for liquor.

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The major advantage of using lounges is to rest during long layovers or if you have arrived at airport ahead of time. Passes to the Lounges are expensive and will cost around Rs. 2500-3000 for a day.

I have been a frequent traveler and have used Lounge service twice recently. First was during an International trip from Kolkata. We arrived 2 hours in advance and had plenty of time to spare. I thought of having my dinner at this beautiful lounge named Travel Club. The quality of food was good and seating arrangements were decent. The other recent instance was at Delhi Domestic Airport at around 4 AM, where we visited Plaza Premium Lounge for Free again! The lounge was decent but crowded and we had to stand in queue to enter the lounge. The food was decent however i liked the food of Travel Club Lounge of Kolkata. The seating arrangements were good and we had a good 2 hour power nap as we had to board our flight by 7 AM. We booked Economy in both the cases and yet we were able to get complementary access to the lounge.!

Most of the Credit Card provide complimentary lounge access except basic reward/cash back cards. Hence we will not be listing any specific cards which offer lounge access. However when you apply for your credit card you may check for lounge access benefit as well. Some of the high end credit cards provide Priority Pass for complimentary. However, if you are looking for a paid membership then one can opt for Priority Pass program and their details can be referred in below image..

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Previously complementary lounge access was provided only to high end credit cards only. These days complimentary lounge access are provided for lower end credit cards and high end debit cards as well. Make sure you go through the card details carefully before placing request for your next debit or credit card.

The cards generally provide 4-12 lounge access per year. Some cards may have conditions such as 1-2 Lounge access each quarter so please go through the terms carefully. I suggest you to prefer MasterCard cards as they have more number of lounge tie-ups than Visa. However American Express cards offer 12 lounge access a year and have decent tie-ups.

One need not compulsorily have a Credit Cards for accessing the lounges, most of the banks have now started offering free airport lounge access to their customers through debit cards. We have listed some of the prominent debit cards which offer complementary lounge access for your reference.

  1. ICICI Bank Coral Debit Card –  2 Lounge Access per Quarter
  2. ICICI Bank Rubyx Debit Card –  2 Lounge Access per Quarter
  3. ICICI Bank Sapphiro Debit Card –  2 Lounge Access per Quarter
  4. Axis Bank Prime Debit Card –  2 Lounge Access per Quarter
  5. Axis Bank Priority Debit Card –  2 Lounge Access per Quarter
  6. HDFC Jet Airways Debit Card –  2 Lounge Access per Quarter
  7. HDFC EasyShop Debit Card – 2 Lounge Access per Quarter
  8. HDFC RuPay Premium Debit Card –  2 Lounge Access per Quarter
  9. HDFC Times Points Debit Card – 1 Lounge Access per Quarter

What are you waiting for?! Visit your bank’s website and go through cards section and check for features and benefits. If your bank offers complimentary lounge access & if you are interested then you may call your bank’s customer care and place a request for upgrading your existing debit card and enjoy the benefits during your next travel.

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