Best Automotive Technologies of 2019

Technology comes to make life safe and easier. New car buyers would want to spend less time looking under the hood and examine all the technology in the car. Of course, the power train still matters, but more important is how the driver and vehicle occupants interact with today’s increasingly sophisticated automobiles. That’s why we’ve come up with best automotive technologies of 2019.

1. Connected Mobile Apps

At present, Smartphone has changed everything including how we interact with our cars. Most car makers provide some kind of connected smartphone app, however some are a unit higher than others.

Look for one that allows you to remotely lock and unlock the doors, check the standing of things like fuel and tire pressure, and even remotely start the car to warm things up on a cold winter’s morning.

2. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Apple CarPlay is used when you are driving in car, it is used to navigate map, take phone calls and to project mobile screen to a big screen. By the help of the Android Auto you can put your phone on driving mode which means no one can get you disturb while driving. It will help you to navigate map and add additional function during driving and also riding.

You’ll get a simplified management theme to access your music, maps, and phone’s inherent voice-control options whereas avoiding the unnecessarily sophisticated system that comes with the automobile. Basically each manufacturer has secure support for a minimum of one or each Apple and Google’s systems, however not all trim levels can support them.

Make sure to verify your automobile has the correct choices, which matches your mobile devices.

3. Exit Warning to Protect Cyclists

This technology will help people to prevent accident while parking. People riding bicycles in urban area are usually pose threat to themselves. Automakers have begun to address this common danger with rear-looking sensors that find approaching bicycles and traffic.

The system is built such that if it detects any cyclist or vehicle is approaching the door, a warning is flagged, if by any chance the warning is ignored then the doors are auto locked so that the doors cant be opened thus avoiding injury to the cyclist/pedestrian.

4. 360-Degree Camera

Insurance claims from low-speed crashes are unit a number of the foremost common within the business. Usually occurring throughout parking, a 360-degree camera system will make life easier for people.

By combining cameras on each face of the automobile and with some clever computing power, your car’s show will show a virtual top-down read of your surroundings. It will show the edges of your garage, whether you’re lined up in the parking spot at the grocery store, or provide invaluable assistance while parallel parking.

The systems is becoming cheaper and cheaper, and are available on even moderately priced cars these days. If you’re within the marketplace for a little hatchback, you might not need this one as much — but a big SUV?
You could find it invaluable.

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5. Teen Driver Technology

Handing over the keys to your juvenile is a nerve-racking expertise, but some clever new tech might ease your mind a little bit. Several automobiles have some kind of immature driver limitations inbuilt that may give notice if the car is driven over a particular speed, disable the stereo etc..

Chevrolet’s immature Driver feature conjointly offers a information that may tell oldsters if safety systems like ABS or forward collision alert are triggered when Junior was behind the wheel.

Hope you liked our compilation.

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