360 Panoramic camera

360 Panoramic camera also known as bird view camera is another amazing feature found in high end cars. Ever wondered how high end cars are parked so perfectly or driven within gaps perfectly? Thanks to bird view camera which makes driving and parking simple.

Reverse Camera with 360 degree view ESC 6676 - 360 Panoramic camera

The system consists of a processor unit which compiles the video feeds received from 4 cameras (Front, Rear, L& Right Sides), calculates length and width of the car with the pre-calibrated algorithm and then provides 3D video feed with the image of car placed in center.

360 - 360 Panoramic camera

The images shows accurate distance of the cars from its surroundings and there by enabling the driver to judge better. These after-market devices are available at starting price of Rs 20,000.

The video feed can to be viewed on cars infotainment system either during entire duration of the drive or only during reverse gear. Aftermarket Android car player are available in market can also be coupled to these bird view camera.

These android car players when coupled with 360 camera acts as dash cam and records the video when car is in motion or one can set surveillance mode where the camera records video clips when the car detects motion near the car.

It is highly suggested that to make the best use of  all the features in 360 Camera, one should install aftermarket android video player as the company fitted infotainment system may provide 360 view only while revering and  other features such as dash cam, video feed during driving may not be available.

Check the video and see how useful this can be if installed.

Video of 360 bird view camera system


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